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 12 week Transformational Journey as the ultimate solution.

You may have already tried several different ways to get you unstuck and reach your goals and have that money or that special relationship. Here is the thing, first — I understand –because that is what I did too, but in the end it was well worth the journey. It was too long however, and having trod that path I can tell you it is no longer necessary.

What I found is everything, all of the problems in each of our lives, are connected to the same thing and it literally is a neuro-connection in your brain. So no matter what initial problem you want resolved, as it gets unwound and then rewired with a permanent new belief (and I am not kidding when I say permanent) everything else also falls into place. It is so easy and effortless after the work, you will EFFORTLESS pursue your GOALS!

You see the struggle is Gone, the fear is Gone and then all of your innate talent and confidence, focus and abilities, just start to emerge. You almost forget the way life use to be. So if you are ready to be liberated and truly deeply happy from the tips of your toes to the top of your head and beyond, have a chat with me and lets bring your life and dreams alive and make them real.

Here’s Michelle Aubin’s “Awaken to Healing” podcast where I explain a bit more:

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The Transformational Journey is a 90-day Adventure to your Inner Power

12 one-on-one sessions (1-2 hours per session) plus email support & inclusion in the Unstuck Mind Authority Leadership Network Facebook group.

 $2.888.00 US.


Individual sessions can also be booked at a cost of $275 US. per session!!

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The Universe is Infinite and So Are You
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I know you have tried tooo many things. NOW YOU found what works!!

Everyone is talking about what to feed your mind, what correct affirmations to say, developing a strong mind set and avoiding all the negative. All good, well meaning, mainstream advice. However there is one extremely important element, often avoided, crucial to your success.

The truth is you are fighting with yourself and all the inner belief systems that are locked into your subconscious. When you are trying to develop a positive mind set with affirmations and the subconscious mind is in control 90% of the time, once this subconscious is activated or is makes a decision every part of you follows along like the pied piper regardless of what you consciously want.IN fact it is the SUBCONSCIOUS MIND not the CONSCIOUS MIND sending out the intentions that are CREATING your life!!!

NOW YOU KNOW WHY it has been so IMPOSSIBLE! NOW you know you must change the UNCONSCIOUS BELIEFS!!!!!!!

So doesn’t it make sense , address the root or cause of the problem rather than resisting them with the very affirmations that you have been told you should be practicing?

If we recognize and address these programs, which I admit might seem like large boulders on your path, TRUST ME THEY ONLY SEEM THAT WAY!  We can re-program them permanently rather than bandaging them and have them return later, because they are still there and they will be there interrupting your golden vision and dreamy desires. Messing with your plans because you tried to pave over the boulder instead of dealing what it IS.

You may have added new neuro-networks of beliefs in your mind, BUT you did not change the existing programs, you did not remove the boulder, THOSE OLD BELIEFS ARE STILL THERE.

We are so taught to bury, hide & deny our true feelings and self– really, what we are denying is ourselves– yes, if we are all honest.

How long will we avoid and suppress and ignore what is going on inside, what we think we have to hide, and deny the world our true gifts, our true powerful self?

And trust me, no matter where you’re starting from, if you’re willing to uncover what’s holding YOU back, you will create money miracles and any other magic in your life.

Decades of sabotaging frustrating limiting beliefs can be shattered in a day and set you free to create whatever that heck you want and You deserve.

Those beliefs can transform in an instant and honestly that’s how you become rich and all that you can be. I want nothing more than for you to experience your dreams into reality.

Like many entrepreneurial people, I went on quests of self discovery to try to uncover the secrets of wealth and success.

I drank potions with Shamans, I did really interesting seminars, I worked with coaches,I read books and listened to the gurus and tried to push through my stubborn blocks with sheer will power. But I had some impossible boulders to move on my own.

Something was obviously missing as not much had changed, even though I loved talking about everything I had learned.

Just like all of the Law of Attraction courses teach you to acknowledge the money that has come in, so to do you need to acknowledge what is going on under your awareness so it can be forever transformed.

So yes, you can truly remove all of the obstacles on your path, permanently and you need to if you want to reach your goals , earn what you are worth, have more control, less randomness, it is imperative.

I want to Change my LIFE now!

The Transformational Journey

is a 90-day Program to Claim your Inner Power

12 one on one sessions (1-2 hours per session) plus email support & inclusion in the Unstuck Mind Authority Leadership Network Facebook group.

 $2.888.00 U.S.

6 Weeks to Freedom one-on-one Transformation $1550 U.S.

Individual sessions can also be booked at $275.00 U.S. per session

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