Terry is a seasoned and well rounded practitioner who brings her expertise into every session. Her intuition, compassion and knowledge make for a powerful process where you feel an immediate sense of ease. I have been fortunate to have had a number of sessions with Terry and can say the results are lasting. She is great!


Before my session I was going through a difficult time in my relationship. Feelings of rejection abandonment and unloved, very confused. Terry was compassionate and patient. She was able to help me see things I may not have if she didn’t point them out. After my session I felt confident like I got a piece of myself, and I would highly recommend this work. Thank you Terry.


My sessions with Terry have allowed me to develop a deeper of knowing of the different aspects of myself. Through this process I now have a friendship with myself based on love, respect and joy. My inner child no longer shuts me down. I feel more confident and courageous in my daily life. I am so glad I started this journey and would highly recommend Terry and this work!!!

Fern Hodson (Energy Alignment Guide)

Working with Terry has helped me in my relationships and life. I am no longer triggered! I seriously recommend Terry, she works wonders. And I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

DT Hamilton, Ontario.

Terry’s sessions really opened my eyes about looking deeper within and seeing where my anxiety stems from. I was amazed at what happened during our session, so moving and meaningful. I cannot thank Terry enough for her amazing work, as our session was a pivotal moment in my healing journey.

Caroline EG, Maryland.

Terry is a born facilitator of transformation, with an open nonjudgmental style that made me feel relaxed right away. Working with her helped me discover, and then powerfully resolve certain blocks I’ve had around money and the significant relationship. This gave me added clarity in the confidence to pursue my dreams and life purpose in a dynamic and uplifting way great work, forever grateful.

Maria G Massage Therapist and Trainer

Working with Terry has been truly been a transformative and life changing for me. The first time I worked with Terry, I worked through some deep rooted issues that I had no idea where even there. After our session, not only had I identified the root of an issue that had been subconsciously following me for my ENTIRE life, I was able to accept it and ‘rewrite’ the story. I felt results immediately and life has not been the same since!
Now I have a more loving relationship with my father and other men in my life. I had no idea that one incident as a child was still subconsciously me.

I had the opportunity to work with Terry a second time, and even then, this allowed me to identify some issues I had with being who I am in a bold way. Everyday, I see and feel shifts as it pertains to truly believing in who I am as a woman, entrepreneur, and spiritual being.

I highly recommend working with Terry to ANYONE. Not only will you feel immediate shifts, but she is loving, caring, nurturing, and most importantly non- judgmental. Her goal is for YOU to get the healing, breakthroughs, and shifts you need and she does just that!

Rachael Hill Rachael Travels

Terry is amazing. She helped me find the strength to leave an extremely toxic relationship. She led me to the little girl inside myself that was scared and alone, she didn’t know she could leave. After connecting with my inner child I soon found the strength to start a new life. How does one say thank you for a gift like that? Thank you Terry you are amazingly gifted and compassionate.

Caitlin S Medical Intuitive